Marketing5 of the Best Press Release Distribution Services for Your Small Business

5 of the Best Press Release Distribution Services for Your Small Business

Using a press release is a great way to widen the marketing of your small business and its products and services. You can quickly reach the right journalist at thousands of newspapers and publications; to save you time consider using a press release distribution service that will send out your release to the right contact at the best publication. Our guide looks at which are effective to help you make the right choice.

Once you have written your press release, it’s time to send it out to journalists but with the number of press release distribution services available today, it can be overwhelming to decide which service is exemplary. This article will look at five of the best press release distribution services for your small business.

Five of the best PR distribution services

Here are some of the best distribution services you should consider when sending out a press release for your small business;

1.   Business Wire

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Business Wire is the world’s leading press release distribution service. By distributing your press release to Business Wire, you will reach over 100,000 media outlets. You can expect your PR to be distributed to news sites, magazines, and radio stations.

Your press release will also be distributed to 162 countries around the world. The wide distribution allows you to expand your business internationally and reach consumers in places you may not have thought possible.

Business Wire offers translation services to translate your press release into multiple languages, which is especially useful if you’re looking to expand internationally. Thus it will ensure your international audiences can access all relevant information about your company’s news in their language.

Business Wire also sends monthly reports on how many times readers around the globe view your press release. The reports also show how often the readers click through your website from the press release link. You can use this information to track how well your marketing efforts are working and improve them if necessary.

When you sign up for an account with Business Wire, you get access to their free social media link-sharing tool. It allows you to share your press releases on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, which is great because it helps you reach new customers. Thus it enables them to share your news via social media channels they use often. The tool also allows people to comment on your posts, so they feel part of the conversation.


  • Thousands of media outlets
  • Over 20 languages
  • Free social media link sharing
  • user engagement and views reports


  • Low word count
  • Expensive

2.   eReleases

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If you’re looking for an established service, eReleases has been providing press release distribution services for over 20 years, and it was among the first brands to offer these services and has remained a great option for small businesses ever since.

The company offers SEO services with your press releases, which can help you get more exposure online. The SEO services include an analysis of your current website, social media pages, and other online assets. Hence they can get optimized for better search engine rankings.

One of the most significant benefits of eReleases is that they have journalist editors on their staff who are constantly looking for new content to publish. A real person will read your press release, and they make sure it is written professionally. You can also ask for suggestions on improving your press release before publishing it.

eReleases has a huge database filled with over 1.7 million global contacts. They can publish or share your press release across all social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

They offer distribution on all channels, including TV, online, print, and many more. So your small business can get maximum exposure. The media send out press releases to different sites every day; hence thousands of people will see your release within hours of publishing.


  • Many years of experience
  • SEO services
  • Journalist editors
  • Distribution on all channels


  • No same-day distribution
  • Charges proofreading services

3.   Newswire

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As a full-service agency, as well as distribution, Newswire offers writing services for your press releases. They have a team of writers with skills in their fields. So, they can help you write an informative and engaging article that will grab the target audience’s attention.

The company offers different editing: editor and senior editor. The editor option includes basic editing, such as grammar checks, spelling corrections, and sentence structure improvement. On the other hand, the senior editor does those plus advanced editing, such as adding more information or correcting errors in fact-based statements. Both stages also include proofreading.

Newswire also offers video embedding capabilities on its website. So you can show potential customers what your business has to offer visually.

Its basic package features images and hyperlinks. If you have an image-based website or blog, then you can use those sites as a basis for submitting content through our service. Hyperlinks allow users to click on them to navigate directly to your website. The links should be in your press release so readers can learn more about your company after reading it. Or if they wish to contact you directly for more information about your product or service.

You can navigate Newswire’s website by clicking on the links on each page. You will not have any trouble finding what you need. Everything looks organized, making it easy to find what you want without searching through many content pages. The way it is done makes it possible for anyone with little or no experience to use this platform without any issues getting around it.


  • Writing services
  • Different editing plans
  • Video embedding
  • Navigable website


  • Less analytics
  • Costly

4.   GlobeNewswire

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The GlobeNewswire press release distribution service has many different features that make it an excellent choice for any small business owner. It offers 24/7 editorial support and employs a team of editors who work around the clock to ensure your releases get published as soon as possible once you submit them. The editors also ensure that all your releases meet GlobeNewswire’s strict editorial guidelines. So this ensures that any release published by GlobeNewswire is professional and well-written.

Press releases published by GlobeNewswire are distributed worldwide to over 130 countries and thousands of websites, including major news outlets and industry publications. Hence, it allows your company to reach an international audience, and that happens while reaching local markets within each country where you have an office or business presence.

After you submit your press release to GlobeNewswire, you can track its progress through the distribution network. The company provides detailed statistics on clicks and views, and you’ll know how often readers viewed your story and how many they read it to the end.

Press releases submitted to GlobeNewswire include images, videos, and audio files. They can increase the engagement of readers who may otherwise pass over text-only stories. Adding multimedia elements helps draw in readers who want more than just text on their screens. Using multimedia can help you reach more people and get more exposure for your business.


  • 24/7 editorial support
  • Publish PR globally
  • Reaches over 130 countries
  • Track your press release
  • Uses multimedia


  • No pricing display
  • Old design

5.   EIN Presswire

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EIN Presswire is a good press release distribution service for small businesses and offers a free multimedia option for every press release submission. You can add photos, videos, and other files to your PRs to look more attractive to readers. The multimedia feature makes your PRs stand out from others because it gives them a personal touch.

The layout of EIN Presswire makes it easy for readers to understand the content of your press release. Thus, even if they do not have the time or interest in reading the entire thing, they look at it. The layout is well-organized, making it easy for readers to navigate easily. They are aware of all the information you provide in your press release.

EIN Presswire offers same-day PR distribution, so your release will be sent soon when you submit it. Meaning reporters are more likely to see it in their inboxes and have time to write their stories before their deadlines pass.

One great thing about EIN Presswire is that their rates are affordable. They charge a flat rate for each press release you submit, and you don’t have to pay extra for each website that posts your press release or article. In contrast, this is something that some companies charge extra for.

Another great thing about EIN Presswire is that they offer SEO options. When someone looks for your business name on Google or Bing, they’ll find your website on page one instead of page two or three, where most companies end up. The SEO options can increase your website’s traffic and improve its ranking in search engines.


  • Free multimedia option
  • Engaging layout
  • Affordable rates
  • Same-day PR distribution


  • Lack writing services
  • No free trials

How to choose a distribution service

There are many press release distribution services out there, but not all of them will get your story the exposure it deserves. If you want to get your news out to a broader audience and maximize the impact of your publicity campaign, then you need to choose the exemplary service for your needs.

Here, we cover some factors you should consider when choosing a press release distribution service.

●     Brand Reputation

A company’s track record is one of the first things you should look at. It’s important to ask if they have a good reputation in their industry and how long they have been active in press release distribution.

You should also check to see if they are well-known for customer service, which can indicate how responsive the company will be when you need their help. Press release distribution services that offer round-the-clock assistance are worth considering.

Finally, it’s vital to note whether your chosen press release distribution service has a good reputation for delivering results. Or if they make promises that never get fulfilled!

●     Customer Support

Every press release distribution service will have slightly different methods of customer support. Some will offer 24/7 customer support, while others may only be available during certain hours. Some services will also provide an online chat feature for instant responses and assistance. Others may require you to email them first with your issue before they can respond. Regardless of your chosen service, they should have some customer support system. Hence, you can reach out should any problems arise throughout the process.

Suppose a company needs to provide this basic level of service. Or if their response time could be faster, it’s probably not worth using them as your go-to source for PR distribution. Avoid such companies like the plague!

●     Your Budget/Value for Money

Another thing to consider is your budget. Make sure you choose a service that fits your needs without breaking the bank. Don’t choose the cheapest option. Remember, you get what you pay for. Likewise, only go for the most expensive option if you can afford it, as it may be overkill for your needs.

The next thing to consider is value-for-money. In many cases, this will mean choosing a service with a middle-of-the-road price that offers good value compared with other services in its class.

●     Your Audience

Before deciding which press release distribution service is exemplary, you should figure out your audience. Your target audience needs to be defined as clearly and concisely as possible. Doing this will allow the PR service provider to help you reach your goals with their services.

For example, if we were marketing a new e-commerce website selling designer shoes, our target audience would be women between 18 and 35 interested in fashion and high-end items. This information would help us select a PR distribution service that targets this group. Hence, it provides them with news about stores that sell designer shoes at affordable prices or targets specific publications that cater to this demographic.

Once you’ve identified your target market, it’s time to consider how they get their information: what are their interests? How can you reach them? Then look at where they go online—what social media platforms do they use? What online publications do they read regularly?

●     Wide Distribution Channel

A wide distribution channel that reaches all the major content-sharing sites is key to getting your release seen by the right audience. It’s important because you want your press release to reach the people interested in it and not just anyone who happens to be browsing those sites. This will still be fine if you have a specific audience in mind for your press release. However, if you have an audience or market segment in mind, ensure they’re on the distribution channel before signing up with any service. You can always ask different services what their channels are like.


In our guide we’ve looked at five of the best distribution services that can help send out a press release for your small business. You should look for a provider that covers the subjects, topics and geographical reach for your PR and offers any additional services you need (for example, writing as well as distribution).

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