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Van Vehicle Tracking Systems

Van tracking does just what is says on the tin!  These are small devices installed into fleet or business vans to track where the vehicle is in real time.  Van tracking systems are split into two categories, active and passive.  At first glance, this information might appear useful and not much more but in fact, there is a wealth of benefits which tracking data can supply to any business owner or commercial organisation.

The obvious key takeaways are maximising efficiency, improving security and increasing profits and the even better news is that van tracking systems are relatively inexpensive and don’t cost that much to install and run.  Here is a quick run down of some keep advantages for your business:-

  • Track and optimise fuel usage
  • Integrate fuel cards into the tracking system
  • Receive real time location information reporting to help with route planning and making alterations due to congestion or other hold ups so that journeys are either the quickest or the most fuel efficient
  • Make despatch quicker and more efficient by matching the request with the closest available driver
  • Monitor driver behaviour which can impact on company reputation and motor insurance costs as well as increasing wear and tear on vehicles with poor driver actions like rapid acceleration and harsh braking.  Idle time can be reduced
  • Live reporting without needing to distract the driver and interrupt journeys
  • Receive in-depth and customised reporting to inform different aspects of the business such as fuel consumption, journey times, vehicle efficiency and CO2 emissions
  • Instant driver messaging
  • Install a panic button for driver security
  • Control and simplify van maintenance with automatic MOT renewals and reminders for service
  • Be able to pinpoint the location of any van if it is stolen
  • Use an insurer approved tracking system and lower insurance premiums

Here is an overview of some of the most popular van tracking systems for business fleets to make it easy to spot the right one for your company or organisation.


this system offers detailed fuel use reporting and excellent route optimisation functionality offering a journey time and fuel cost before the van has even left the premises plus advanced driver rescheduling for those inevitable delays.  Handy synchronisation of vehicle maintenance needs and fleet insurance cover will highlight when action needs to be taken for service or renewal

Verizon Connect

this van tracking system has a host of features and can help plan the most efficient route for different journeys as well as provide alerts for driver behaviour which can be set up by the operator, this might include long stops or speeding and even harsh braking.  Driver behaviour can impact on company reputation as well as overall fleet efficiency and costs.  Customers can receive real time updates on where their delivery or service is.  Verizon Connect is popular with businesses in the transportation and construction industries and impressive data management makes lightwork of companies with large fleets


this tracking system offers the usual data on fuel usage so consumption and cost but can also offer detail on the carbon emissions of each vehicle based on their journeys.  A live map provides an instant overview of where each fleet vehicle is located at any given time and customer’s can be kept in the loop as they can also be given the option to track the driver.  Movolytics can be configured to track more than 150 different driver behaviours


known for its user-friendly interface and very competitive monthly running cost, Quartix places great emphasis on CO2 reporting, a must if you are thinking of converting the fleet to green technology or just want to lower your company’s carbon footprint with more efficient journeys.  Daily vehicle logs allow assessment of resources and employees, and speed analysis helps identify risk driver behaviours.  Monthly plans are available at different levels with varying features so you don’t have to pay for things you don’t want or need.  Quartix is a popular choice for small van fleets

RAM Tracking

not the cheapest choice on the market but bear in mind this is currently the only tracking system available in the UK which offers a specific cost savings report.  RAM also provide crash report data another unique feature, however more basic options are absent like the lack of instant driver messaging and fuel card integration, so it is horses for courses. Another innovative feature are SIM cards for businesses that operate in rural areas and remote terrain where GPS signals can be weak or non-existent.  Cost management reporting is standard but other products will provide more depth in analysis

Teletrac Navman

this system is renowned for its customisable reporting features and includes handy alerts like automatic MOT reminders and quantifiable driver behaviour data.  There is also integrated dash cam capability so the system captures video replays of any accidents or incidents.  Teletrac Navman won’t tie you into longer contracts unless you want this service so there is an option to sign up for just twelve months


Van tracking systems can require an initial capital cost for purchase and then a monthly fee to access the software. Most businesses prefer to lease rather than purchase, this offers ongoing support from the supplier and avoids the need for a capital spend at the start.  The other key advantage to leasing is that updates to hardware and software are included and these can be frequent as this is an industry moving at a fast pace plus, you can add in other features to your plan if you need them later on.

The benefits to any business running a fleet of vans are clearly immeasurable, the key is finding the right tracking product to suit your current business needs and profile.  Cost is one factor but always read the small print as some providers will tie you into long software and service provision contracts.  Focus on the areas of your business which will benefit from van tracking technology and this will help you identify key features and source the most appropriate package for your company’s needs.

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